Twice Roasted Daiya Potatoes

Simple and fairly quick, these Potatoes do not mess around. Heartier than your normal steak Fries, these are steakless Fries and Ⓥeganful Fries.


Quality Russet Potatoes were quartered into large wedges. Large enough wedges to basically be an entree dish.


The wedges were tossed in light Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Pepper, thrown on parchment paper (peels down) and roasted for around 20 minutes at 405.


The wedges were tonged back into the mixing bowl and lightly seasoned with Garlic Powder, a pouch of Daiya ‘cheese’ and a pouch of Daiya ‘bacon’ from the ghost of Ⓥegan past. The hot Potatoes were not as easy to toss as dreamt. Almond milk was added to ease that process to my liking.


These amazingly dressed Potatoes were roasted at 455 for additional 20 ish minutes. A craft Beer and a Hard Seltzer was had:)


Garnished with Scallions. Inspired by the amazing Sonoran Desert, I drew my niece a Bday card:)



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