Pilaf Wild

Happy November!


The world, at least mine, is still a mess, but let’s make some comfort food and calm our nerves with a quality drink.


Evolution is such a beautiful thing. As humans, we are evolution. And as long as we’re on a planet, it will never end.


My drinking habit has evolved to still include great beverages, but allowing my “man-boobs” & “beer-gut” to dissipate. For the last six months, I’ve been enjoying sugarless//maltless hard seltzer’s between beers. Instead of drinking four craft brews in one night, I might have a hard seltzer or two and a beer.


Try it. Who wants to be overweight anymore. Just something that works for me.


In water, Carrots and Potatoes were boiled with Sea Salt, Pepper & Garlic Powder. Wild Rice was cooked separately and drained. Jasmine Rice was added to the Potatoes and Carrots and cooked appropriately.


Once the Rice has been cooked, Corn, Black & Red Kidney Beans, Celery and Onion were added and stirred in with the Wild Rice (previously cooked).


The taste and smell of this dish was amazing, but the texture achievement (after all of the ballots were counted:) stole the show.


Daiya Waffle Tortillas were made in a waffle maker:):):):)



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