LBⓋ 15 Salad Sliders

Salad finger food is here because I’m too lazy to use a knife unless I’m on a plant killing massacre rampage. I mow my lawn with a steak knife. Nothing gives me more pleasure than plant genocide. Kill ’em all!


I’ve mentioned before (blogged in your eye) that spontaneous thinking is my lifeline and it helps my luck with cooking or in this case, cutting and arranging.

Low Budget Ⓥeganism 15



Salad Slider ingredients:

  • Tomato, vine ripe and sliced halfly (4.5) @ $3.98 = $0.88 per serving
  • Spinach, baby and sliced (12) @ $2.99 = $0.25 per serving
  • Avocado, sliced (3) @ $0.49 = $0.16 per serving
  • Cucumber, sliced (7) @ $0.99 = $0.14 per serving
  • Onion, sliced (10) @ $1.99 = $0.20 per serving
  • Balsamic Vinegar (32) @ $2.97 = $0.10 per serving
  • Sea Salt (357) @ $1.99 = $0.01 per serving

Slice and arrange. At $2.73 per serving, this is worth it and fun to pop salads.


Pairs well with clean hands and an IPA.

LBⓋ 14 Broccoli ‘Cheese’ Rice


I have fell in love with Black Rice. It not only is unique, it is extra nutritious and it is damn tasty. According to Wikipedia,

“The bran hull (outermost layer) of black rice contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanin antioxidants found in food.”

Low Budget Ⓥeganism 14 


‘Cheese’ Sauce ingredients:

  • Daiya, block ‘cheddar’ – chopped (7) @ $5.98 = $0.85 per serving
  • Sriracha (96) @ $2.97 = $0.04 per serving
  • Seasonings (GarlicP/OnionP/BrownSugar/LiquidSmoke/SeaSalt/ Pepper/CornStarch) @ $0.07 per serving
  • Broth, Veggie (4) @ $1.99 = $0.25 per serving


  • Heat VeggieBroth/Seasonings/Daiya/Sriracha and simmer.
  • Control consistency with CornStarch/Broth. Stir often.



Broccoli ‘Cheese’ Rice ingredients:

  • Broccoli, frozen florets – steamed (5) @ $1.49 = $0.30 per serving
  • Black Rice, cooked (9) @ $5.98 = $0.66 per serving
  • Basmati Rice, cooked (16) @ $3.19 = $0.20 per serving
  • Seasonings(SeaSalt/Pepper/OnionP/GarlicP) = $0.05 per serving
  • ‘Cheese’ Sauce, heated = $1.21 per serving


Cook and season Rice. Steam Broccoli. And smother the life out of those florets with hot ‘Cheesy’ greatness. The health benefits compared to cost is amazing. And the mixture of cheapness, flavor and healthiness is unsoberly staggering. Per serving, the cost of this LBV is $2.42. It leaves more expenses for good beer, healthier food and better bicycles!


A Warm Place



LBⓋ 13/10 Lentili ‘Cheese’ Fries

Last year, I wanted to share 10 LBⓋ ideas. Low Budget Vegan is more fun to me than probably helpful to anyone else. As I do not have anyone ever reading these, it is a better way of organizing ideas and hopefully one day I’ll influence someone to go Vegetarian, Vegan or just to cook for themselves.


I bought new wheels for my (bicycle) Trek Darth Vader, hence low budget Veganism. Don’t get me started with these wheels. They have already been returned for a wheelset that’ll work for me better. Anyways….


LBⓋ 13/10 Lentili ‘Cheese’ Fries ingredients:

  • Daiya, block ‘cheddar’ – chopped (7) @ $5.98 = $0.85 per serving
  • Fries, frozen & roasted (9) @ $2.98 = $0.33 per serving
  • Lentil, canned soup – simmered (2) @ $1.50 = $0.75 per serving
  • Sriracha (96) @ $2.97 = $0.04 per serving
  • Seasonings (GarlicP/OnionP/BrownSugar/LiquidSmoke/SeaSalt/ Pepper/CornStarch) @ $0.07 per serving
  • Broth, Veggie (4) @ $1.99 = $0.25 per serving


  • Heat Lentil Soup/Veggie Broth and simmer. Heat VeggieBroth/Seasonings/Daiya/Sriracha and simmer.
  • Control consistency with CornStarch/Broth.
  • Oven-Roast fries and construct.
  • thumb_IMG_8203_1024

This would’ve been made cheaper and better from-scratch, unfortunately time was not on my side and this dude was hungry. And at $2.29 per serving this cheaply and timely produces 3-5 hearty servings and is a healthier comfort food. To be remastered….


Happy Friday! I recommend enjoying a great beer, having some excellent plant-based food and watching PlantPure Nation on Netflix. Of course, after going for a FatBike ride in the snow as I did last night. If possible.

PlantPure Nation Trailer


Snow Ride


Simple Man

Vegan Egg Review

I was immensely excited to try Vegan Egg by Follow Your Heart. I tried a few different things and all were extremely edible. Let’s get one thing super straight, it is amazing to have plant-based as carnivorous-style food. They did an eerily great job at making these Vegan Eggs look and smell like animal eggs. In all honesty, they made me gassy and not-so-friendly-gassy. The egg-smell coming out in gas form is somehow enhanced and extra ‘eggy’.

As far as the cooking goes, I lost patience trying to make an omelet. Scrambled eggs never turned out the way that I wanted. Ultimately, Vegan Eggs are a bit too much of a process for me to prepare more than just a few times. It seems like you have to be precise about the steps. And I am not good at following rules. I never will be. I might be a badass. I might just be extremely lazy. I love the concept and hope people try them and conclude how they’d like.

It’s nice to have comfort food options, but it takes me back to a long lasting opinion of “do we have to pretend to eat animals?”. Sometimes, I eat too much ‘cheese’, ‘burgers’ or seitan…. Seriously most of those plant-based animal-like products are better than the animal products and the benefits are overwhelming. I’m truly just rambling, but nothing beats a sandwich of just veggies and a little mustard. Follow Your Heart Vegenaise is one of the greatest condiments ever, though.

Keep up the good work, Follow Your Heart!




There once was a right foot and on this right foot were five toes. The leader of these five toes was the biggest and strongest. We’ll reference this leader as Jeffro.



One day, Jeffro was smashed by a bundle of prefinished pillars from the heavens. And Jeffro almost lost his life.



Jeffro continued to work hard and persevere. Jeffro was forced to sacrifice his own blood in attempts to retain his shield.



Jeffro grew old grasping his shield until one day it was just too late. He lowered his shield and it was lost forever.



In the place of the forgotten shield, a new leader with his new shield is underway.