EZ Chinesey II

In the past, before my Veganism, before my Vegetarianism, I was somehow convinced there was an unwritten rule that only certain foods were acceptable to eat in the morning. I tell ya what…. Chinese food at 0930 is the freaking way to start a day.


A theory I’ve been toying around with for a while is that my tastebuds are still and have already evolved. Brussels Sprouts, Thanksgiving and I have a fairly new, yet repetitive, history. In 2011 on Thanksgiving, I attempted consumption of Brussels Sprouts and was completely disgusted and quickly forced the vegetable out of my mouth.


In January 2013, I became a full-on Vegetarian and my life has never and will never be the same. I’ve toyed around with Vegetarianism before 2013, but finally pulled the trigger after viewing VEGUCATED on Netflix. Which to this day, is still on Netflix. And, honestly, Vegucated influenced my push to have a Vegan lifestyle.

Vegucated Trailer

On Thanksgiving 2014, I prepared two dishes of brussels sprouts. The one was carnivorous and the other was herbivorous. I did not eat any of the dish with pig flesh. The meatless dish did involve dairy, but gave me a new love for Brussels Sprouts. I now love various different vegetables that I used to despise, ultimately proving my theory of palate evolution.


It is in my subconscious to need Brussels Sprouts in me around Thanksgiving time.

LBⓋ 6/10


Low Budget Ⓥegan EZ Chinesey II:

  • Ramen Noodles (non-Ⓥegan seasoning packet discarded) (24) @ $2.18 = $0.10 per serving
  • Brussels Sprouts, oven-roasted face down (9) @ $2.68 = $0.30 per serving
  • Salt/Pepper/OnionP/GarlicP = $0.05 per serving
  • Sesame Oil (10) @ $3.48 = $0.35 per serving
  • Balsamic Vinegar (32) @ $2.97 = $0.10 per serving
  • Sriracha (96) @ $2.97 = $0.04 per serving
  • Soy Sauce (30) @ $1.88 = $0.07 per serving


Roast the brussels sprouts. In the meantime, slightly undercook Noodles and strain. Wipe out any remaining water in the pan. Put on low heat and Add Sesame Oil, Sriracha, Balsamic and Noodles. Add Seasonings and Brussels Sprouts. Add Soy Sauce and stir generously. At $1.01 per serving, this is extremely affordable and even more extremely delicious.


My sister asked me to make Brussels Sprouts for this years Thanksgiving. It will be an epic Jurassic battle between the Herbivorous and carnivorous Brussels Sprouts as I’ll be preparing both unless I just go with the delicious Ⓥ Brussels Sprouts all together. 🙂

Also, I’m digging this new WordPress app for OS X.