Tato Tota Casso

Traditional recipes names are boring. This recipe is nowhere near traditional, anyways. Let’s make it Vegan with texture & character. My recipes are Super spontaneous and meant to be inspiration to create your own recipe:)


This began mixing Salsa, Water, Carrot, Split Pea, Onion, Potato into soupiness that became chunky once the Peas were cooked in.


In a bigger pot, Garlic and Beyond Beef were slightly pan-fried before Rice was mixed in. After browning, Water, a curry cube and Cilantro were combined. Eventually, the prior concoction was tossed in and cooked appropriately.


A skillet was preheated and the rice mixture was thrown in with Vegan Tomato Basil Soup. Organic Tater Tots were baked. Daiya was melted into the Riceyness. Tater Tots to top with a garnish of Cilantro. BOOM.







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