Social Slavia

Social media is a wonderful tool and I am definitely a technology enthusiast, but cause and effect is present for anything. I was first introduced to the concept of social media in yahoo chat rooms where “LOL” was invented, which I refrain from utilizing in text and/or anything. I used yahoo chat to socialize privately in high school and found it entertaining, but grew bored. I loved myspace back in the early 2000’s before deleting that profile to switch to facebook. In 2009, I joined twitter. Now there are social media sites for athletes and there are social media sites for beer drinkers. Who knows what else. I am growing bored of all of these sites. I am growing bored of all the dumb stuff broadcasted. Things I do not give a shit about and things people post for attention and/or sympathy. I do not need a database to approve my decisions. I do not like the addiction that is attached to social media sites. I love my freedom and I love a true real life.

April 15, 2016, I deactivated my facebook account. I believe that I had 700+ friends of which I regularly interacted with maybe 50. I’ve been documenting who I’ve come face-to-face with and no one has noticed or acknowledged my departure from this cyber database. I’ve interacted with 15 people who I’m no longer friends with according to facebook without acknowledgment. Good deal:)

The sense of freedom is strongly noticeable after the departure. People on facebook are experts and smarter than you. People on facebook are funnier than you. Facebook is better off without me being involved. It was a very long process, but I feel much better already. And that is just the beginning. Facebook is fake. It is a fakebook. With all of the great things about it, the realism I’ve experienced makes it not worth it and a true nuisance. Just an early morning vent. Do not be a slave to anything! Happy Wednesday!