Many folks say that things happen for a reason. Prove it on an astronomical level and disprove that shit just happens. There is a huge difference from cause and effect and fate, basically being the difference of air and water between all living beings. 


Tonight’s ride attempt was a fail. Hence, my battle. I am not a prancy-everything-has-to-be-perfect, cyclist. I am a grinder and a true sport. I got off of work early today to follow that with having a beer with my boss. I decided to ignore the wet atmosphere generously dampening my world and suited up to hop on the Fat Bike.  I, first of all, encountered a flood I was not going to ride through. I unclipped left and couldn’t unclip right and immediately noticed that I lost a screw.


The Elements and Technology hit me hard. Using the Fat Bike and my one free foot for balance on a damp slight slope was not easily achievable for first to get my foot out of my Bontrager cycling shoe and two to then remove my shoe from the Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedal to better protect my cold foot from the cold wetness. I threw in the white flag and walked the bike home. I am thankful for this happening close to home. I am thankful for bringing beers.


I have lost a battle, however, I will win the war.