Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

Today I purchased the cardboard refrigerated Biscuits for the first time in my life. It took me a minute to find Vegan Biscuits, but thankfully they are out there. And they were very simple and tasty. They complimented my Gravy extremely well. I’ve made bread a few times from scratch and I do not like to bake. Store bought Bread is well worth it to me.

Let’s Go.

Seitan ingredients:

  • Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Corn Meal
  • Rosemary/Cayenne/FennelSeed, crushed together
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Veggie Broth
  • Turmeric/Thyme/SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP
  • Bay Leaves/Celery/Peppercorn/Fennel/Rosemary, for baking
  • Vegan ‘Cheese’ cloth


Domino Effect:

  • Mix wet ingredients together and dry ingredients separately before mixing together.
  • Form into a loaf and put into wet ‘cheese’ cloth.
  • Put Seitan loaf into Lasagna pan and put Herbs/Veggies with Broth filling halfway.
  • Bake for two hours, flipping loaf in between.
  • Remove from cloth immediately and put in foil or use.
  • I broiled slightly after out of ‘cheese’ cloth.


 Groovy Gravy ingredients:

  • Cashew ‘Milk’, mmmmmm
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Garlic & Onion, diced and dry roasted
  • Seitan, diced and sliced for garnish.
  • Tofu, soft
  • Raw Cashew, boiled, strained and chopped
  • Cauliflower, roasted and chopped
  • Eggplant, sliced, roasted and diced
  • Potato, diced and roasted
  • Rosemary/SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar
  • Lime, juiced
  • Instant Mashed potatoes, thickening agent 🙂

Roast everything and bring to appropriate consistency, simmering. Serve HOT with Biscuits.

Happy Monday!