EZ Ⓥ Corn on the Cob

I’m constantly against the microwave.


However, the easiness of this microwave/prepping of corn outweighs my microwave disgust. Corn in the husks were microwaved. The base of the corn was cut off. The ears of corn were squeezed out cleanly.


Seasoned with Sea Salt, Pepper and Chipotle powder. Earth Balance ‘butter’ completed this unbeatable side.



Arizona Bound

Happy Spring! Exciting news awaits as it is in the mid 60s here, today, in Northern Illinois.


A little over one week ago, I was hired for a retail position in Peoria, AZ. And within a week, I’ve hired a moving service, signed a lease, gotten a raise and gave a two-week notice. I will not dive into details about my job, but rest assured, I’m in great hands.


A one-way flight and a little packing is all that is left. The excitement is immense and the number of adventures to come are endless being less than 300 km from California or Mexico, just over 500 km from Las Vegas, less than 1,000 km from the Rocky Mountains and roughly 350 km from The Grand Canyon.




Being a sunshine addict, Arizona is perfect for myself to strive and thrive all year round. Strategically, my residence and workplace are at the center of a trail intersection.


Elote en Ⓥaso (Mexican-style Street Corn) GONE Vegan was simplistic. Corn Kernels seasoned with Hot Sauce, Sea Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder were stirred in Ⓥ ‘cream’ and heated generously. A few pieces of Daiya were tossed in with Ⓥ Crumbles. Cilantro and Scallions were mixed in at the very end. After spooning corn in a glass, Ⓥ ‘sour cream’ topped the tasty corn with Chipotle Powder sprinkled on top. Lime and Radish garnished this Corn fiesta.



Ⓥ Elote

A cluster of letters compressed into various words immediately pressed ever so tightly to form images to be read through the universe of the human eye ampersand absorbed into aspirations of your own dreamt culinary adaptations. I press these words into developed photographs of Vegan Mexican-style street corn, Ⓥ Elote.


While enjoying a delicious Craft Beer, Water was seasoned with SeaSalt/LemonPepper/ Oregano and the Corn was slightly cooked in that seasoned water. A skillet was heated with Canola Oil. Garlic was tossed in followed by Corn on the Cob to be tossed around generously. Patrón was added to the corny hot garlicy skillet and continuously tossed.


In a mixing bowl, Tofurky ‘chorizo’, Vegenaise, Cilantro, BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Powder, Lemon & Lime Juice and Corn Meal were mixed together, happily.


Corn Husks were saved and rewrapped the Corn on the Cob and placed back into the cast iron skillet and dressed with the Chipotle concoction to be roasted in the oven. After a few minutes of roasting, Daiya shreds were added and then the Elotes were Ⓥeganly broiled. Ⓥegan Elotes were devoured before even plating. They were damn delicious and held immense attitude.