Untitled, Again

As of January 3rd, I’ve attempted to enter the world of sobriety. Quitting, drinking alcohol cold turkey, has not prevailed, but perseverance, understanding and optimism will help to succeed. Side note: I have not eaten cold turkey or any other meat in nine years as of today:) I quit smoking cigarettes 12+ years ago on the second attempt. Perfection is imaginary…. vegan bacon? Anyone? I’ve bettered myself in various ways over the years. It’s not impossible, but it takes will power and strivability (just made that word up:) I’m just trying to motivate and document myself while trying to motivate another person to try something difficult to better their life.


This is a huge lifestyle change, but I’m a person whom still NEEDS to eat:) I may not always eat Vegan. I do always eat Vegetarian. Post, in the future, might consist of a little dairy. Let me know what ya think:)



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