Plant Based Protein Sauce

I’ve dreamt of world peace and I’ve dreamt of animal peace. I am an asshole to humans, because most are to eachother, not to mention animals. I treat animals like I would a little baby that I was related to. Animals have evolved their way through this planet harder than we have and I respect their existance and safety.

This month I turn three:)

This month I will be three years plus Vegeterian.

I wanted to prepare ‘meat sauce’ Vegan-style the other day. I felt completely lost because of the word, ‘meatsauce’. I have no desire to even smell nasty-ass meat sauce. I went for the Vegan GOAL, which outsmarts a problem leaving happy parties. I’ve been conducting a list of ideas and for some reason found it unmotivating for a bloooooooody fucking mary. And now, I’ve been drinking tequila….. 100% AGAVE, of course. I do not have the patience, right now, to even consider recipes….

I never give measurements anyways. Because I’m a lazy asshole who cares too much with most of his time.



Animals do not have a voice.


Speak up for Animals.


Speak up for yourself.

Bloody drinks do not have to be so bloody.