Kale-Seitan Greekwich 

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Title: Kale-Seitan Greekwich 
Daily Ride: Commute
I have found another Big Muddy Brewery beer in the Pale Ale. And it is a bomber and was under $5. It’s a very good PA with a nicely well balanced 6% ABV. 
Last week I tweeted Heidi Watney on how much I enjoy her baseball highlights on MLBN Quick Pitch. One, she’s good at her job and two, she is gorgeous! Anyways, she favorited my tweet! It was basically a kiss on the cheek and I can now die happily. Go CUBBIES! 
I made this meal with leftover Mediterranean-Style Seaitan because when I make Seitan, I fucking make Seitan for a week. 
Kale-Seitan Greekwich w/ Belgian Endive:
(Use ORGANICS, whenever possible)
Kale-Seitan Greekwich ingredients:
-Seitan, chopped (Scroll down)
-Fresh Kale, chopped dicely 
-Hearty Bun, sliced in half
-Fresh Ginger, diced
-Fresh Garlic, diced
-Veggie Broth
-Spicy Mustard
-Kalamata Olives, diced
-Capers, halved
-Onion, diced
-Feta cheese
-Mozzarella cheese
-Sunflower Seeds
Obviously you’ll wanna already have your Seitan ready to go before continuing. I Chose to dry roast the diced Ginger, Garlic, Onion and Sunflower Seeds before combining all with the Feta Cheese to obtain a good, not bad, warmth. I used the Mozzarella with the bun only. I toasted the insides of Buns before adding a decent amount of Mozzarella cheese and then slightly toasted to melt that cheese. Combine. And. Take. A pic. Before enjoying. 
Chipotle Balsamic Belgian Endive ingredients:
-Belgian Endive
-Sriracha Cock Sauce
-Balsamic Vinegar 
-Better Oil
-Chipotle seasoning
-Belgian-Style Beer, consumed with a little set off to the side 😆
I combined everything and I used Ommegang Gnomegang with the Endive. I coated both sides of those Belgian bastards. And roasted face down ass up. Season again afterwards with at least Sea Salt. 
Seitan ingredients: 
-Corn Meal
-Tomato Sauce
-Vital Wheat Gluten
-Non Dairy Cheese Cloth 
-Fennel Seeds
Mix ingredients and wrap in cheese cloth and place in pan w/ Broth and seasonings and bake for two hours turning Seitan over after 60 minutes. And cool.
I need a new FATBIKE and these are two candidates:


I rode today on the road. And know I am wriding about it because I was the wrider. It was super cold this morning and still feels like fall. I threw on some armwarmers and full finger cycling cloves. And wrote on. #RideOn