I am not a professional cyclist. I’m a vegetarian with vegan qualities. I ride hard and far when I need to and want to. I noticed that some of the food available within this eating lifestyle is absurdly high in preservatives and poor on quality. The healthier vegan/vegetarian food out there ready is even more expensive. Which is nice when I have the funds, but that is not always the case. Especially after you put the necessity of good beers in there. I have been out to find a better way to eat with quality by cooking my own food cheaper. And want to share what I’ve come up with and tried. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY 

Eventually I want to start writing about the thousands of recipes I’ve created/modified to answer my tastebuds and eating lifestyle and thousands of awesome beers I’ve enjoyed and some adventurous bike rides I’ve ventured and will trek. I am not a culinary arts degree holder. I am not an English major. I do like to consider myself a professional beer drinker, although I am not paid to enjoy beers. I do love to think I know how to write after a few beers and the tipsiness occurs. Hence, future writings that are awful.