soloCUBSparade II

Originally today was going to be my 100+ mile day to honor Mike Hall. This has changed due to the chaos from yesterday. My garmin died, so it’s just my word to prove it. My garmin died around 155 km and the sun died shortly after. It’s easy to quit. It’s easy to think negative. It is difficult to overcome obstacles. Yesterday’s obstacles were sunlight, rain, headwind, traffic, dogs, battery life, mud, wet and loose gravel, boulder loose gravel, Apple maps, and thirst. Mike would be proud.

Apple maps saved my ass taking me away from heavy traffic in heavy rain to take a mud/grass road to safety. Apple maps also helped me get lost and waste time. Apple maps did tell me how to get to my destination. 

Not a lot of hope remains after your garmin bike computer dying and a sunset almost simultaneous. There is not a lot of hope of being 20ish miles still from your destination. 

Something happened that I have never experienced before. I’m not sure if it was survival mode or if I’m finally on a new level. I overcame complete exhaustion and marched on. My saddle sores stopped hurting and I felt absolutely comfortable on my bicycle, in the dark with my light dim to conserve battery life battling vehicle traffic.

Garmin shows 155 km. I rode roughly 185 km in 14 hours. I had many stops and I did walk a few spots to ensure my wellbeing. 

My ride could’ve been better, but the challenges overcome like a surviving soldier sprinting into battle, was damn victorious. 

I slept in this morning until 8:09 am. I will ride out around 11am. I need battery life for my phone, garmin and light. My goal for today is to find sunscreen!

Happy Saturday!

soloCUBSparade I

I ride to honor the 2016 world champions, the Chicago Cubs. I ride in honor of the tremendously inspiring life of Mike Hall, whom lost his life this March riding his bicycle. I ride to overcome challange. I ride to predetermined destinations without the certainty of an exact route. 

The obstacles in my first portion of this soloCUBSparade were sunlight, vehicles, small bugs, suicidal butterfly bombers, one dog (I won the standoff), thirst, dying Garmin and extreme fun. 

Food could’ve been more healthy, but the Destihl brews were delicious. I listened to much of the CUBS game with intervals of good music through most of my 126 km ride. The wind was loud, but I’m assuming my legs will be screaming louder than the wind tomorrow. I may be dealing with storms tomorrow. I will also deal with new roads. Gravel is, by far, the safest route and will be utilized as much as possible. 

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