Fingerling Good BrusselSalad

A brewpub, Destihl Brewery and Restaurant out of Peoria, Illinois, offered a carnivorous BrusselSprout Salad. They influenced me to prepare a Vegan Salad utilizing Brussel’s Sprouts.


After a few Beers, I was brainstorming a salad and all of its fixin’s. Choosing to use packaged shaved Brussel’s Spouts, time and energy was on my side. Homemade Italian dressing was made with all of that time and energy from not slicing the Sprouts.


Two parts Olive Oil to one part Red Wine Vinegar was combined. One Bay Leaf was added for many hours before being removed. Also, Salt, Pepper, Oregano and Garlic Cloves were added.


Fingerling Potatoes were sliced, roasted and slightly broiled.


Garlic and Pine Nuts were briefly sautéed prior to adding Cherry Tomatoes and Sugar Snap Peas. A small amount of Italian Dressing was mixed in, also.


The shaved Brussels Sprouts were tossed in the generously mixed Italian Dressing before being topped with greatness.


The fingerling Potatoes were basically on the side like retaining blocks to contain a tower of Salad.


Julienne sliced Red Onion and Radish were piled on to create a tasty work of art.


The sky is the limit. Cheers and I hope you make something creatively great today!

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