Maple Balsamic Sriracha Linguine

Happy Halloween, folks. Fall is densely in the air here in the midwest United States of America. I will not be dressing up nor celebrating Halloween. Instead, I will be watching game six of the World Series. Maple Balsamic Sriracha Linguine was prepared for breakfast and ultimately hit the spot:)


Tofu was grilled without seasoning and set aside while the rest progressed. In a skillet, Onion, Potato & Garlic was sautéed before adding Lightlife Smart ‘Bacon’, Balsamic Vinegar & Sriracha.


Fresh Dill, Cucumber and Tomatoes were added and kept on a low heat while the Linguine and Spinach finished.


Al dente is always the best way to prepare noodles. I rarely rinse and I finish cooking the Noodles in sauce. In this situation, Earth Balance ‘butter’, Garlic Powder, Parsley & Ⓥ ‘parmesan cheese’ created the Sauce.


Grilled Tofu truly complimented these ingredients with its texture and grilled flavor.