Seitanish Ⓥeef & kraut Pi

Happy Sunday, y’all. Yet another spin Ⓥegan spin on “corned beef and cabbage” was on the agenda today. In commemoration of a recent Pi Day, let’s take this Irish cow murder staple and adapt into a plant-based pizza pie. But, first, how’s about a heavily headwind induced mixed surface bike hike with a couple of refreshing Beers.

I am a Potato addict.

A literal Spud Web ever expanding and ever spudful is my life. This adaptation was made oil-free with Veggie Broth, Garlic, Plum, Thyme, Sugar, Sea Salt, Pepper, purple and white baby Potatoes, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Seitan and faux chicken – Cheican? The plant-based protein does start to basically shred after a little while. Ⓥ-Thou Island is simply Vegenaise, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Scallions, Garlic Powder, Pepper and Cayenne mixed together all wonderful like. The pizza pie was Whole Wheat crust, Ⓥ-Thou Island, baby Potatoes, Seitan & Cheican. The Pi was baked, slightly, before adding Daiya and slightly baking more. Sauerkraut garnished this comforting Ⓥegan delight.

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