Jamo Tofurked Corno Cabbo

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

To some, it means eating corned beef and drinking green bud light. Which might be fun, but that does not fit my lifestyle whatsoever. I am an extremely stubborn person and I do what I want and what feels good to me. I will never eat meat, of any kind, ever again in my life. Now, minor dairy and egg exceptions will be made by me when it feels right to me. Label me as a bad person, but I will never purchase cheese, dairy or eggs. I will not stress about small amounts of these ingredients already in something.


The stress and letdown is not worth it in my mind. My boss made blueberry muffins for me and I do not care what was in them, I ate two. That shows respect and also ease of mind. And they were delicious. Yeah, she could’ve put just blueberries in a cupcake wrap and given me that… Anyways, 97-98% Vegan is great, in my book.


Let’s try something different….


Jamo Tofurked Corno Cabbo


Open a beverage and also open your mind. Heat a saucepan and add slight Avocado Oil. Brown Minced Garlic and continue adding Plum, Serrano Pepper, Carrot and Celery – diced. Generously add Jameson Irish Whiskey. It is absolutely essential, whenever cooking with alcohol, to sip on it a tad.


Add Veggie Broth with Thyme, Capers, purple Potatoes and Onion. Let the cook down process happen. Add Cabbage. And I added Tofurky lately last. Seasonings used were Sea Salt & Pepper. Served on a toasted Pretzel Bun with Corn and a purple Potato.

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