MacNDaiya Pasta Pie


Step One:

Whiteout Chili


:Step Two

Whiteout Chili MacNDaiya

I’m a lazy ass usually. I used dough in a can. It’s good, quick and easy. Earth Balance ‘butter’ was used to ‘butter’ my pan followed by the unleashed dough. Whiteout Chili MacNDaiya engulfed the center of that panned dough and was baked slowly. Wrapped in aluminum foil, I stored this beauty in the fridge for a later day.

I unwrapped my panned greatness and turned the oven on low. Like 225 degrees low. Daiya, yellow and white, were combined with crumbled Cauliflower to top this animal-product-less BEAST.


Evolution of recipes is the greatest thing ever. Don’t let it die until it’s dead. Please, don’t kill anything. Plants must die. And that is all.


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