Brussels Linguine

I’m celebrating my 1 year 99.8 % Vegan anniversary with dabbling in some Lifelight Vegetarian “sausages”. I’m still upset of finding these first on a weekend cycling trip only to be so disappointed of their use of egg whites. I’ve mentioned in the past of how I feel about my Veganism. Evolution of a mind and Evolution of my pallet has me madly in love with brussels sprouts. I dare anyone to venture into an adventure of reading my old blogs. Other than locating a corkscrew, this was AMAZING. Let’s go!


  • Slice “sausages”, sprouts, tempeh and roast


  • Olive oil, heated in pan
  • add minced Garlic, Carrot and super diced Onion
  • Add Balsamic Vinegar, cracked Pepper and CRP


  • Bring Chardonnay and Veggie Broth to a boil, simmer and reduce
  • Adding Earth Balance ‘butter’, dill and crumbled Tofu


  • Awesome NonGMOProjectVerified Sugar, add some
  • Cook Linguine al dente, not rinsing
  • After reduced, add roastedness and simmer
  • Add Instant Mashed Potatoes, stirring
  • Daiya ‘cream cheese’ to finish
  • Construct and garnish with Scallions


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