…And Some Funyuns, mannn

I’ve been hooked on fire and regular Funyuns lately. I probably enjoy half of a serving weekly, recently. I’m not a god hating person, but I believe in science over guessing. Facts trump beliefs and are a no-brainer.

I do not want to get into beliefs, but there is nothing wrong with having faith and assumptions based upon lack of facts. Religion has been such a factor in straight history, but I’m talking at the lowest level.


And what I’m trying to say is, that I believe it is unhealthier being stressed out after digging and digging for every single ingredient, to consuming a small amount of egg whites. This is my Evolution that truly makes sense to me. Again, putting straight cheese or eggs onto or into something is not what I’m talking about.

I utilized ingredients and ultimately do not order around steps. I want people to be influenced to do something amazing, or simply eat smart.  thumb_IMG_6117_1024thumb_IMG_6108_1024