A VeggHead BeerCyclist Saturday

Yesterday was an awesome day! It was such an amazing day that I will share my day with y’all blog consumists. It involves hard work, bicycle riding, Vegan food and beers.


I awoke last minute at 0545 hours and hurried to gather my work clothes and to shower. I left home at 0605 to travel 4 km to work. It takes me usually 10-12 minutes of travel. I change clothes and punch in at 0625. If you’re not early, YOU ARE LATE. My shift was at 0630 and technically, I have until 0635 before I’m late. I have a very odd sense of strong work ethics. I took a break at 1327 until 1332 to grab some snacks. Being Vegan, my snacks are limited. I’m extremely conscious about what I eat. And I CAN EAT ANYTHING, but I choose not to eat animal products. I have a voice and a choice. I’m not forced any such way than my own brain making a decision.


It’s a great mindset to understand that you have a choice for anything, technically. Some things are pretty impossible to do or not do. Example: kids come first. The thing that sometimes isn’t present or often an excuse to not do something because of a prior obligation is often forced and seems to be not the choice. Anyways… I usually eat nuts or Vegan chips.


I’m looking at my punches online and actually punched in at 0626. I did punch out at 1533 and in the 12 hour clock, that means 3:33pm. I rode home and stopped at the park to take a picture of geese just grazing/playing around 2 fake wolves attempting yet failing to fear their confident feathers when a fellow cyclist/paid friend to help my story rode up and told me we lost 60 minutes that night when I confusingly thought we gained 60 minutes in the March 13th Spring Ahead. My original thoughts of a bigger ride diminished. I got ready and departed in a light precipitation  to the I&M Canal.


It was dirty and wet, fun. I rode through an neighboring small town/village where they were setting up for an early St. Patrick’s Day parade. I kept going a bit farther to a washout in existence since I’ve been riding the I&M Canal. I brought two beers and enjoyed one at the washout. I rode back to Utica and caught part of the parade and made a few younger girls excited to throw me candy and a clover necklace. I rode on and enjoyed another IPA. I came in to town and needed non-dairy milk. and picked up some Almond milk. I then chose to grab a few beers across the street at the liquor stör.


I arrived home prepared to cook myself dinner with the Almond milk to realize that it WAS FREAKING CHOCOLATE. I chose to to correct something made a few days prior under par. A super long day revealed strength and stamina to do what I love. And the Chocolate Almond milk was delicious for dessert!