2016 Ride II

Just to let the imaginary people whom I pretend read my (plant-based) chicken scratch (blogs), I do not plan on publishing per ride. I just had quite an interesting ride yesterday. And it was only my second ride this year.

Bluntly, winter cycling is a bitch. Especially, in Illinois along with many other cold and windy areas. I’ve ordered Bontrager OMW (Old Man Winter) shoes that are insulated and waterproof in December. And after my order, my bike doc called me and let me know that they are sold out until February. Since making the switch to clipless, I’ve been just dealing with the cold.

I met a (hired and well compensated) friend to ride fat bikes in hope it was going to snow like hell. I utilize the I&M Canal in the winter almost every ride. It has been flooded the past month at Lock 14, the LaSalle entrance. Long story short, I noticed it was not under water and took the driving entrance where I encountered a thin, super wet layer of ice where I biffed it HARD. I hit my head. I was wearing a helmet, luckily. I got up and continued. It was raining and I got soaked before I called it quits and retired for the day-ignoring the eventual snow.

I changed and left my socks on a good five minutes longer before changing them where I then experienced one of the worst and uncomfortable sensations ever. It was as if microscopic flesh eaters were eating my feet. They were bright red and itchy. I tried washing my feet. I tried lotion and I HATE lotion. I even jumped into the bathtub to wash my feet. It lasted a good half hour and then went away. I tried digging up an explanation. I found this..

Cold Rash

I group texted my cycling buddies and asked for their input. And they mentioned that it sounded like a beginning stage of frostbite which I believe is frost nip, technically. I never want to experience that sensation ever again. And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Always wear a helmet and dress accordingly!

Happy Sunday!

Recipes coming soon.