I’m just an amateur Vegan. I do not know everything, but not relying on the processed “plant-based” (already prepared, meat substitute) food puts my tastebuds and my heart in a mad-love (freaky sex kinda mad-love) relationship. I love a good majority of those foods, but they leave my heart lighter. thumb_IMG_6257_1024

Consider me a rock star Vegan with an instrument of choice being a bicycle and a beer. I don’t follow rules, and I strongly understand that recipes are guidelines that are meant to be explored and mapped just like lands of this world many years ago.


I chopped Romaine Lettuce finely. I combined Romaine, Scallions, Carrots, Black Beans, Raw Spanish Peanuts into a bowl after roasting Golden Potatoes, Fennel, Corn and Garlic lightly roasted. I also roasted some bread. And my dressing of choice was pre-made Balsamic Vinaigrette mixed with Sriracha hot sauce. It was delicious and my heart, tastebuds and tummy had a threesome.


My sense of humor even leaves myself on my toes. Happy Wednesday!


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