el el cee cee

Fighting a bug can be difficult. Especially when you never fight bugs. The good news is that I am only having a mucus attack on the throat, nose and ears without a high temperature. The bad news is that I am being attacked. Warm beverages feel amazing. They comfortably numb my throat. The warm liquid condenses the ocean of mucus inside of my ear into an ever condensed puddle that surrenders drowning a bobbing floating brain. Drink up and feel better.


While I’m at it, watch this YouTube video of crazy bike tricks.

Tim Knoll Bike Tricks


  • Lemon (el)
  • Lime (el)
  • Canadian Club Whisky (cee)
  • Sea Salt
  • Apple Cider (cee)
  • Rock & Rye (Slow & Low)


To good health and to a good mentality. Cheers, Prost or however you say it, have fun.