The Illinois Valley is actually quite historic. This area is often escaped upon and taken for granted from from diversely working class immigrant heritage wishing to live the “American Dream”. We have Germans, Polish, Irish, African American, Mexican, Italian and many in-between and more mixed heritage.

I leave town for a few days and of course Radium City is going to release a new brew. Calling around to a couple of liquor stores, one of which, Rudy’s Liquor, where my buddy purchased a Baptism By Vampire (the new brew) at. They claimed that they were out. BUMMER. Getting off of work, I call it a day in preporation for the following morning shift. Work is always fun for me. If you don’t like your job, it is your fault and you’re a fool being stuck somewhere that you do not wish to be.

Escaping from your job, love or hate, is essential. Ideally, freedom is our way of life and must be utilized. Nothing sets me free more than riding my bicycle wherever I want to have fun and Live. I stop at Rudy’s Liquor after work to become absolutely surprised by their Baptism By Vampire bombers in the cooler and on the shelf. These bottle tops were dipped in a sexy  red wax. I bought two:) Jumping onto the I&M Canal on my bicycle, I rode excited and thirsty until Split Rock where I took a little hydration break.

And stopping at the next town, Utica, IL – home of the Starved Rock State Park, I was ecstatically surprised to find BAPTISM BY VAMPIRE on draft at Duffy’s Tavern. A hard days work, a fun bike ride and a beautiful day was enhanced by Good Beer, Food and company courtesy of the Illinois Valley. Local greatness is local pride. If you can’t find it, get the f*ck out.

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