Solo Wednesday Night Ride

Last night was an incredible night for any kind of outside activities. The last couple of weeks here in Illinois have been pretty warm. I’ve been working hard, like usual, but a bit more this week and finally was able to enjoy an evening.


Unfortunately, it had to be a solo ride, but I still make those fun. So, I contemplated a ride route for a bit while getting my stuff together. I dabbled with some hills, highways, cows and a no trespassing sign or two. I enjoyed a couple of Beers and called it a night only to enjoy some pizza.

I’ve been a pizza addict since grade school since the rewarding personal pan pizzas. Evolution of my understanding has bettered my style of pizza. I don’t know how, but society wants men to “eat like men” and become unhealthy and overweight. I loved pepperoni as a kid and then when I could order and pay for my own food it was all about cramming the most different animal fleshes smothered with extra animal fluids baked all together like the death trap it is. Soon after starting my first job at Pizza Hut, I came across the deliciousness of the Veggie Lover pizza while in high school. I usually did put chicken or sausage on the Veggie pizza, of course.


My understanding of the world and life turned me into a Vegetarian in January of 2013 where cheese pizza was my go-to pizza, sometimes with awesome Veggies. And now my Evolved understanding has my relapsing options dwindling.


Last night, I tried two things and they were amazing. I ordered a mushroom pizza without cheese and brought it home to carefully roast Daiya on top.


I love Daiya. It is just expensive and I do not buy it too often. I also made a Vegan Pizza Burger. Literally, Vegan pizza between a toasted bun is extremely amazing and comforting! It was a great night. Here is a link to a video I took of some cows whom I constantly (in general, not these same guys) remind of my lifestyle:)

Cow Video


I spent my evening trying to catch the guy in pitch black riding ever so quickly in the grass and corn… I never could catch him.


Happy Thursday! Enjoy the little things in life and #RideOn.


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