Veganism VS Vegetarianism

Next month, July 8th to be exact, I will have been consciously Ⓥegan for one year. Except for a few Funyuns the other day. I know that I will never eat meat again. Hold a gun to my head trying to get me to eat meat, it’d better be loaded. Throw me in Alaska fighting for my life in their dead ass winter, I’d probably starve. I’m highly confident that I’ll never literally cook with egg ever again. I’m also highly confident that I’ll never eat cheese again. Now, saying all of this, I may enjoy some non-vegan foods cooked with cheese or egg. Call me a fake Vegan, but I’m an optimist and you should be too. I am against animal cruelty and slaughter. I may just be a bit lazy with my selectiveness. I’m not talking about eating cheese pizza once a week, I’m not talking about eating processed Vegetarian food with eggs included every other day. I’m talking once in a blue moon, I may enjoy some Funyuns, mannnnnn. If this makes any other Vegans upset, I want to know about it and I want to hear your thoughts! Vegan condiments are better. Vegan ice cream is better. Vegan better is butter:)

I love animals, and so should you!

4 thoughts on “Veganism VS Vegetarianism

  1. I am vegan in the same way. At home I don’t cook with any animal products, and I do not eat meat or dairy outside of the house either. But…. I’m not very strict when it comes to hidden animal products while I’m out. If a sandwich has ranch on it that was made with cream I’m not going to send it back. I still feel vegan. I still do so much to protect the animals. You do too!

  2. I appreciate the feedback! One thing that I’ve come to understand is that perfection of Veganism is stressful, but overpowering without direct consumption. It’s a funny game as life gives us different levels. Vegan imperfections still better this world.

  3. Congratulations on completing a year Jeffrey. As a vegetarian since birth, I thought it wasn’t easy to be so while living in the US. I do eat milk products though no eggs (they’re not considered vegetarian here in India).

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