Slow Strava Aptitude 

I’m new here on whatever this is. Blognet, blogville, blog your mom. Anyways. I somehow started my long-thought dream of blogging all over you. I went for a night FatBike ride tonight thinking roads were gonna be slightly bad for a cross bike. The roads were actually amazing until I came into parks and a cemetery. 

I’ve been drinking all day. I have been consumed with ‘work’. I pace my drink. I rode hard and it was amazing. Just wanted my shit to sync. I guess I am scared of all of you. 

So, my ride uploads through my wifi or others. It then goes through GarminConnect (bless their souls) where it links to Strava, usually. I’m upset that Strava is blank for a crazy night ride, but it is okay. 

There are two really nice women at the grocery store that used to always ring me up after a super long and awful days of work at my old job before I quit. I am horrible with names. But, I’ll remember their faces forever. It was nice to finally see them for the first time in four months. 

I haven’t ridden the FatBike in weeks. And the air pressure was low. The last FatBike ride I was on was an IVCA (Illinois Valley Cycling Association) Wednesday night I&M Canal ride that had a few ice age apocalyptic  catastrophes. The low tire pressure helps grip the dangerous terrain. I biffed it one and a half times. I’m an excellent biff artist. I put some air in the tires. 

My ride uploaded to Strava this morning. Not sure why there is sometimes a delay. I’m close to a 250 km mark for the month. It is not much, but it is all outside riding in the heart of a cold winter. I have two days left and need 40 km. Every mile or kilometer counts. #RideOn