Just Words

Thoughts go out to those affected by another incident in our cruel world today. My dream of a perfect world only grows stronger. What if a perfect world will never coincide with Earth? Perhaps colonizing another planet to start over is the only way. What if we screen every single being prior to entering this perfect world? Let’s question their mental stability. How is their work ethic? What is their intelligence, eating habits and lifestyle? A positive contribution is a must. Guns would not be allowed because they would not be needed. In fact, weapons would be a thing of the past and belong only in museums. Renewable energy is the only energy. Gasoline, coal, oil would be prehistoric. Environmentally friendly technology and transportation would rule this world. Communities would love riding bicycles to work to work hard. A stable plant-based society would never harm a single animal as animals roam freely and carefree. What is crime? What is money? People used to eat animals!? Let the people that make our word a cruel, cruel place continue to kill a once beautiful world while the righteous move on and evolve appropriately.