Ⓥ Breakfast Pizza Roll

An adaptation of my previous post, Ⓥeggie Roll, was easily constructed into a pleasant Breakfast Roll… Ⓥegan-style. And to use remaining inventory in the kitchen.


Just Egg ‘egg’, Field Roast Chao ‘cheese’ and capers were mixed. Corn Starch was almost added, but was not felt needed.


Dough was seasoned with Jalapeño Salt from New Mexico:) and Organic Garlic Powder from Arizona before adding a Ⓥ Protein concoction.


The Ⓥ Protein concoction consisted of Ⓥ Crumbles, Black Eyed Pees, Corn, Peppers, etc…


(The Protein concoction was spontaneous and leftovers)


Remaining Daiya slices were added along with Onion & Tomato slices. To finish this hefty loaf, the Just Egg/’cheese’/Caper mixture was added and finished with Spinach.


Folded with slits, this Vegan Roll was baked turning once and topped with Earth Balance ‘butter’.



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