Ⓥegan Coleslaw w/ Seitan

Russian Circles Dressing is essential to this unique Slaw.


Named after a band – named after a hockey drill, this dressing is different. In a great way. I’m not sure if ‘ketchup’ has ever been blogged as an ingredient in my hundreds of postings. The Russian Circles Dressing was created for a Ⓥ Reuben concept.


Ⓥ Reuben Sandwich


Utilized until gone, the foodie in me used what sounded good, inside of my mind with the dressing and with inventory efficiency. Cabbage, Radish, Cucumber, Capers, Onion/Celery/Carrot medley, Garlic, Seitan and Pepper were combined and confined to itself with the Russian Circles Dressing.


The Russian Circles Dressing was a pleasantly mixed batch of Vegenaise, Chipotle seasoning, Soy Sauce, SeaSalt/Pepper, Onion & Garlic Powder, Sugar, Soybean Paste and Horseradish:) And homemade Seitan, in my eyes, added the final touch to this post.



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