Ⓥ Reuben Sandwich

¡Happy Friday!


Another comfort food idea spun with a Ⓥegan twist. This Reuben concept was slightly messy with amazing taste. Served to my mother with salad and simple Potato medallions. The Russian Circles Dressing complimented everything. Mother approved.


The Russian Circles Dressing was a mixture of Vegenaise, Chipotle/Garlic/Onion Powder, Salt/Pepper/Sugar, Soybean Paste, Horseradish and Soy Sauce.



The Reubens were constructed using Rye Bread, Earth Balance ‘butter’, Daiya ‘cheese’, Field Roast slices (Lentil & Sage), Sauerkraut and, of course, the Russian Circles Dressing.



The Bread was halved in attempts to be more presentable, but ya live and learn:)


Lathered with Earth Balance on one side and the Russian Circles Dressing on the other, these loaded sandwich halves were panfried and covered – trying to achieve daiya meltiness.



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