Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese

A Ⓥ Roux started this amazing sauce with Earth Balance, Pepper and Flour. A majority of a bottle of Founders Brewing Company Porter was added (the remaining balance was enjoyed in the mouth and belly:) with a Ⓥ Cube and slightly cooked down.


Almond milk, Parsley, Chipotle & Garlic Powder were infused (not confused, yet abused) before adding a little jar of Chipotle Sauce and two types of Daiya – Cheddar slices and Mozzarella Shreds.


A Ⓥ Hot Dawg was topped utilizing the Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese. Also, Pretzels were enjoyed with the Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese.



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