Ⓥeggie Sandwich

¡Happy Thirsty Thursday!


A surplus of thirstiness is vast this Thursday as my country (USA) is utterly a mess and an embarrassment in the universe. I apologize to all and I don’t want to dwell on politics in any of my blogs, but I’ve been extremely angry and frustrated with my country for a great while. Yesterdays event was over the top – not okay, okay. I have high hopes and confidence in President-Elect Biden & Vice-Elect Harris. I need them in control now for my own sanity.


A simple, yet, intricate sandwich was constructed and enjoyed to distract from the madness. A grilled Pretzel Bun was topped with Guacamole on both halves. A raw Tomato slice was platform for this Ⓥ sandwich to shine and hold the grilled Onion & Green Pepper and raw Radish slices.


Roasted Chipotle Balsamic infused Brussels Sprouts were deleafed (new word?) to act as a ‘Lettuce’ for the Guacamole splattered top Pretzel Bun with roasted Jalapeño to plop on. Served to myself with Potatoes, remaining Brussels Sprouts And a Snow Cold Beer, a record for consuming (not really) a sandwich took place because of deliciousness.



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