Cauliflower Ⓥ Piccata

Happy December! 2020 is almost in  the history blogs…


A Vegan Piccata was prepared yesterday. An Illinois (only) Craft Beer advent calendar begun yesterday, as well:)


Cauliflower was utilized to help this different Piccata concept come together. Cut into ‘steaks’, and coated with light Avocado Oil, these hearty slabs were roasted generously.


In a saucepan, the sauce was started with Garlic, Veggie Broth, Sea Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Earth Balance ‘butter’, Tomatoes, Capers and Spinach – added accordingly:)


Rice with added Earth Balance ‘butter’ was also prepared. Brought together as if the plate was posing for a picture, this dish was fun (with a goofy IPA from Woodstock, IL) and extremely delicious!



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