LBⓋ 28 – Tom Ⓥurger

From the Sonoran Desert, I am rain dancing (pacing back and forth in the A/C w/ 114 degrees outside) for the clouds/moisture/rain to flow from the Northeast.


Time will tell. During all of this dancing, an easy Low Budget Vegan sandwich was put together.


Tomato Bun (8) @ $0.88 = $0.11 per serving

Mustard (99) @ $1.78 = $0.02 per serving

Vegenaise (32) @ $4.49 = $0.14 per serving

Organic Tomato (3) @ $1.34 = $0.45 per serving

Daiya (11) @ $4.79 = $ 0.44 per serving

Organic Spinach (8) @ 2.99 = $0.37 per serving



This sandwich includes a little more effort than a fast food joint and a little more expensive then their probably drive thru menu, but Who wants to kill themselves with fast food, anyways…. $1.53 per sandwich and maybe 15 minutes when melting the Daiya.



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