Biscuits & GraⓋy

In a past life, I was some sort of Creole of Spanish descent or something. I love Mexican/Spanish-style cooking. I destroyed a kitchen today in vast death of plants. Tonights plant massacre was a brutal genocide. My kitchen will never be the same.


I cooked dried Black Eyed Peas from dry state and timed things correctly to add ingredients to one pot. The order went; Wild Rice, (slightly) precooked Black Eyed Peas – Brown Rice, mini Potatoes – Red Quinoa, Corn, Seitan, Ceican and then I started my Biscuits. I separately BBQd Seitan and Cheican while baking store-bought biscuits.


Chipotle, Lemon, BBQ Sauce, Guacamole was all utilized. Photography as well.

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