Lemonly Dilling Ⓥegan Daize

Generously squeezing the juices out of a plump Lemon, Vegenaise, Molasses, Sugar, (Fresh) Dill & Chives, SeaSalt, Pepper, LiquidSmoke and Wasabi, were combined and mixed together with the Lemon Juice. In a separate container, a coleslaw mix, (Tofurky) Chorizo, Cauliflower, Celery and Spinach were condensed.



Wholly Half Baked Potatoes were prepared in the oven by first baking the miniature Potatoes whole and followed by slicing them and pushing them firmly onto Fennel Seeds before another bake.


Skilletly, Avocado Oil was heated and Garlic & Ginger was browned before adding (Ⓥ Morning Star) Seitan & Cheican. After some color and character, BalsamicVinegar was added and eventually seasoned with Pepper, Cayenne and Onion slices.


Sauciness was mixed with plantiful and topped with the warm awesomeness. Paired with good Beer and a good Ride, CHEERS.


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