Super Ⓥ-Dawg


The climate in north central Illinois this late April-early May has not been the most friendly. Normally, I would be riding a bicycle with most of my free time. The cold wet wind needs to settle down. I don’t like to spend tons of time in the kitchen on the nicer days. Creating faster Ⓥ options leaves more time to get outside and play:)

In a skillet, (dry) minced Onions, Mustard Seed and Crushed Red Pepper were lightly sautéed in light oil before adding Morning Star glory (Ⓥ Seitan, Ⓥ Cheitan, Ⓥ Pulled Peirk). Canned Ⓥ Chili was added after a bit with Liquid Smoke, Sea Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Garlic Powder. Ⓥ Smart Dawgs were added and simmered.

In a separate pot, Jasmine and Wild Rice were cooked. The Rice was added to the Super Ⓥ Chili. Frozen Fries were baked. The Super Ⓥ-Dawg was built and Daiya was melted on top. BBQ Sauce and Mustard made the Dawgs even more Super.



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