•Ⓥ• Stuffed Rigatoni Pizza Pi •Ⓥ•

Back Burner Marinara is made with Various canned Tomato products, Onion, Celery, Carrot, Herbs, Sugar, SeaSalt, Pepper, Garlic… And cooked down over time.


Make Super Ⓥausage. Grind raw Cashews into a chunky powder and mix with Lightlife ‘beef’ & ‘sausage’, Tempeh, Fennel Seed, Ghost Pepper marinated Smart Dawg, frozen hash brown patty cooked, chilled and then leftoveringly diced, Liquid Smoke, Veggie Broth and GarlicPowder/SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar.


A bit of Back Burner Marinara was thickened in a separate pot with a little Instant Mashed Potatoes.


Cook Rigatoni, slightly overcooked, and rinse/cool. Cut Rigatoni in half (or leave intact) and stuff with Super Ⓥausage.



Clobber your (Ⓥ) Pizza Dough or Crust with thickened Back Burner Marinara. Weight that Pizza Sauce down with generous amounts of Capers. Excellent Sauce tends to want to float up to where its level of greatness actually is:)


Daiya needs to be a word already so my Mac doesn’t continue to try to correct the spelling. Daiya slices to contribute weight upon the Sauce. Stuffed Rigatoni is the next density to trap the ingredients together. Unfortunately, plant murder is my lifestyle. And after enough heat, the Sauce will not try and escape anymore.


Splash with more Back Burner Marinara after baking. Enjoy a Good Beer and have a great day!

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