Super Ⓥausage Waffle Pi

Make Super Ⓥausage. Grind raw Cashews into a chunky powder and mix with Lightlife ‘beef’ & ‘sausage’, Tempeh, Fennel Seed, Ghost Pepper marinated Smart Dawg, frozen hash brown patty cooked, chilled and then leftoveringly diced, Liquid Smoke, Veggie Broth and GarlicPowder/SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar.

Ball some Plant-Based ingredients into balls and bake with Vegan (Gluten-free) Waffle. Mix Ⓥ-Thou Island consisting of Vegenaise, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Scallions and GarlicPowder/Pepper/Cayenne. Slightly broil Waffle Pi with Ⓥ-Thou Island. Add Sauerkraut and slightly broil some more. Add Super Ⓥ Balls and a Cucumber slice.

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