SⓋanish Waffle Pi

Food, at times, needs to be cooked/prepared with oil. And yet a lot of food needing that ingredient are absolutely delicious. Nothing, to me, compares on cutting that oil down to a minimum or out completely while still having delicious (AND HEALTHIER) food. Is oil really needed. I say NO. I say HELL NO.


SⓋanish Rice was prepared a couple of days before this specific Rice adaptation. Here is the Link, Zelda:


SⓋanish Rice


Marinating Tofu is a lot of fun. I used Veggie Broth, Lemongrass, Garlic, Cucumber, Radish,  Vegan Chorizo (Tofurky), Capers and SeaSalt/Pepper. Don’t forget the TOFU.



Chipotle Chocolate Sauce was created with blended Chipotle Peppers in Adobo, Vanilla, Cocoa, Chocolate syrup, ChipotlePowder/OnionPowder/GarlicPowder/Sugar/SeaSalt, Liquid Smoke and Veggie Broth.


Vegan Waffles were baked and then Daiya was melted on top. SⓋanish Rice was added with marinated Tofu, Cucumber and Radish. Chipotle Chocolate sauce saved us all. These Waffle Pi’s were topped with a Serrano Pepper slice.


Happy Sunday!

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