Hawaiian-style ⓋcRibwich

Seven years (or more) have past since I’ve partaken in killing myself with the fast food of McDonald’s. And that meal involved a McRib sandwich. As a child, I remember going up to the city (the city = Chicago) to O’hare numerous times to pick up or drop of my aunt whom used to fly to and fro San Diego. We always seemed to rely on (sadly) McDonald’s McRib sandwiches to fulfill our hunger. I’ve always had a special bond with that sandwich and restaurant.


Morning Star makes a Vegan version that is damn good. I am the meatless butcher and I decided to take a stab at it and destroy some plants. Garlic Daiya Bread was slowly baked while the ⓋcRibwich ‘meat’ was pan-fried above on the stovetop.


Geneseo, IL has a brewery and it is a good one.

The Garlic Sauce consisted of boiled Cashews/Potato pan-fried with Onion, Garlic, Veggie Broth, Parsley, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Sea Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Crushed Red Pepper and Instant mashed Potato before being blended smooth to be a hearty spread.


The Sauce was leftover from a Daiya pie I made a good week, two weeks ago. I also had some of the Cashew/Potato/Onion boilings leftover. I started a pan-fry with some Garlic and Vegan Boca patties. I added Pineapple Juice and Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit BBQ Sauce. I grilled Pineapple and Avocado slices.