Ⓥaladito = Ⓥegan (and extremely valid) Salad Burrito


Like any idea with food that I prepare, I try to utilize other ingredients before they are no longer usable. Mixing an abundance of ingredients together is my favorite way of preparing food concepts. I find it annoying and somewhat frustrating looking through different BBQ sauces and finding quite a few of them include anchovies. I might not always be 100% Vegan, but I will never budge from being 100% Vegetarian. Until death, will I be well above 100% Vegetarian. Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit BBQ Sauce does not include any meat, fish or eggs/dairy. And it’s deliciously spicy.


Besides the BBQ Sweet Potato slices, the Ⓥaladito ingredients were; Avocado, Mustard, Vegenaise, roasted Garlic, Chipotle Powder, Pepper, Cayenne, Sugar, Cashews, Corn, Beans, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Olive, Celery, Lightlife Fakin’ Bacon, Romaine and Tortillas to fill. I lightly grilled the Ⓥaladito lightly for my own personal happiness. And I ate these for breakfast this morning:)


Happy Thursday.