CaⓋun Bean Soup


I have been slacking on a bicycle as of late and mostly just commuting everyday. I took the day off of the bicycle last Sunday, but went for a kickass 80km (50mile) ride last Saturday. Even though my longer rides have dropped, my (usually hard ridden) commutes keep me strong and ready-to-go. I messed with some wind on Saturday, but muscled through it.




My mother bought me a Cajun Bean Soup bean mix and I utilized them wonderfully. This Soup simmered for over five hours.


Truly a tasty (trick or) treat with a little seasoning, no oil and lots of Veggies and Beans. Nothing was purchased by myself just to be included in this Soup. Utilization of on-hand ingredients were my ingredients. I did use remaining Daiya ‘cream cheese’ and Earth Balance ‘butter’. Technically, they probably consist of some oil, but no oil added other than that already in those ingredients.


I used the Cajun seasoning mix that was included with the Beans. It wasn’t much and did not consist of any animal products. I boiled the beans for a bit and rinsed before starting the actual base of the Soup. I heated Veggie Broth with some leftover Salsa and chopped up Onion, Celery, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Jalepenos, Serrano and Potatoes. I utilized a little Pumpernickel Bread, finely chopped. The seasonings were the Cajun seasoning, Sea Salt, Pepper, Chipotle, Garlic & Onion Powder and some Chipotle Lime Powder. Lentils, Beans, (frozen) Corn, Jasmine Rice, Daiya ‘cream cheese’ & Earth Balance ‘butter’ were all thrown in and brought to a boil before simmering for hours. Water was added as needed.


This Cajun Vegan Bean Soup is plentiful and absolutely deliciously edible. I did not figure out the cost of this batch, but I’m sure for the numerous flavorful servings this involves it should be in my LBV (Low Budget Vegan) ‘series’ as it seems fairly inexpensive.


This daylight savings changing ridiculous angers me. It needs to be lighter later, not earlier in the day. I hope a Mars civilization wouldn’t partake in a time change.


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