I had leftover stuff from a previous idea and also had a few 98% Vegan Wonton wrappers. Utilization of everything is key in cheffing correctly. I’ve mentioned before that I am not 100% Vegan, I am 98% Vegan – allowing slight room for error to bring stress levels down.I do not buy cheese. I do not buy eggs. I do not buy milk. I am 150% Vegetarian. And will be Vegetarian for the rest of my life.


Cashew Milk, Dub Roasted (unsalted) Sunflower Seeds, Artichoke Hearts-diced, Onion-chopped, Carrot-diced, Corn, Daiya-Cream Cheese, Liquid Smoke, Kale-diced, Salt/Pepper/Sugar/GarlicP/ChipotleP, Daiya-havarti–chopped, post-roasted Potato guts after choked and murdered (iHatePlants)-hence, the choke in the title, Cilantro-chopped, and BlackeyedPeas. I used the Wonton wraps to make Ⓥangoon. I baked them in the oven before squirting Sriracha-Soy Sauce to garnish.


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