LBⓋ 17

I don’t know about anyone else, but I sometimes run into a mood of laziness apathy and nonsoberishness. I also enjoy making up words. Finding quick and easy Vegan food is not always simple, but when extremely edible and economically smart it is worth sharing. That same night, I purchased a shooter of Root Beer flavored Whiskey. It was a dollar, interesting and tasty.

Low Budget Vegan


I took a $0.92 can of Blackeyed Peas and a can of $0.65 Green Beans and drained the dead plant remains smothered in salt and some preservatives into a sauce pan with murderous simmering heat. Once heated, I crushed a surplus of wheat crackers and mixed them in and immediately devoured. It took my tipsy ass a good five minutes to prepare and one minute to consume. I did add Salt/Pepper. I calculated $0.56 per serving. Cheap, drunkingly convenient, and wonderfully edible. Perhaps a bit unconventional, but some might say Root Beer flavored Whiskey is too.


A different day, much more sober, yet extremely hungry, I made a sandwich. I love sandwiches. I love good bread and I am no way scared of carbs. I guess you could say that I love carbs! The wonderful ingredients for this delicious sandwich started with tasty Rye bread with a vast ocean of Vegenaise as smooth as my road tires. Vine ripe Tomatoes that were picked when ready and never refrigerated are an essential sandwich commodity. Nothing goes better with awesome tomatoes than fresh Spinach. And slicing Spinach provides unbelievable texture and mouth happiness. $1.28 per serving for mouth happiness is a minüte sacrifice to help ensure a successful day. I think I added Daiya on this sandwich which makes the price per serving go up, but mouth watering with a happiness flavor.