LBⓋ 5/10

IMG_2691Low Budget Ⓥegan 5/10

Daiya and Tofutti have amazing Ⓥegan frozen pizzas out there. And I love them, but the price is higher than I’d like. Here’s a quick, easy and cheaper way to get your pizza fix.


EZ PEIZZIE (Peazy) ingredients:

  • Tortilla (10) @ $1.25 = $0.13
  • Pizza Sauce (6) @ $1.37 = $0.23
  • Daiya (11) @ $5.95 = $0.55

Perhaps I could’ve just taken my Pizzazz out of retirement to help finish these Daiya Lovers ‘cheese’ pizzas, but I was too lazy to go get the Pizzazz from the basement to make the job easier.

I might be so lazy that it actually gives me an outstanding work ethic.

I heated a pan and then placed the tortilla and covered with Pizza Sauce and Daiya. I covered and browned the bottom while melting the Daiya. I placed onto a pan and broiled to add a touch of color to the top. I made one with ‘provolone’ and one with ‘cheddar’ Daiya.


I dare someone to attempt one at $0.91 per serving 🙂